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BRIC is the new buzzword in international business. Each of the four countries have an advantage that can be beneficial to the economy in general and the investing partner company in particular. However, India, which constitutes the ‘I’ in BRIC has a unique position when it comes to international business and the global economy. Whereas the other countries have their own single or dual specialties, India has been known to adapt and embrace changes at a very rapid pace. It is this capability of Indian companies that has fuelled a strong and consistent favorable outlook by the global players.

However, history is witness that India has always been known as the final frontier to be conquered whether it was by the invaders from different parts of the world or when it comes to trade and commerce and other maritime activities. Thus, in a bid to understand the Indian market and to establish roots in this vast and diverse country, it is advisable to either have an Indian partner or hire the services of a strategic management consulting company that has the ability to guide the foreign company in Strategy at entry, Business Strategy, Accounts, Taxation and Human Resources.

With the opening of doors to foreign companies investing in the Indian markets since the liberalization of the Indian economy by the government of India in 1992, companies that specialize in Strategic management Consulting services have become an integral part of an India based business plan for the MNCs. It is the core competency of the strategic management consultants that helps the parent company to formulate plans and strategies.

Not every company or industry can have a cookie cutter strategy for making an entry in a foreign country. There are different strategies that have to be formulated which are dependent on a number of factors. Some of the entry strategies are setting up an office of their own, or a subsidiary which is owned partially or fully, a JV with an Indian company or a merger or an acquisition of an Indian company that has complementary businesses.  It is this differential that sets strategic management consulting firms apart and enables them to give the apt advice to their clients.


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