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Strategy is the clear road map to start your business in India. We have positioned ourselves to prepare this road map by using our expertise, knowledge and insight about India. The scope of services include

India Entry Strategy
The evaluation of India entry options and devising well planned strategy is key to success for the business. The research inputs will contribute to formulate the strategy. Besides these inputs, our ideas will also contribute while selecting the India entry option.

There are various options available to make entry into India. The business can start by setting up an Office (liaison office, project office, a branch office), a partially/ wholly owned subsidiary, a Joint venture with Indian company having complementary strength, a merger or acquisition of a local company, franchising or simply through a strong distributor network. We will carefully evaluate these options for your business to minimize the risk.

Business Strategy
We not only assist you with India Entry Strategy, but also offer our expertise to devise business strategy for India market. This will help you to position your business in the market. The scope will include product mix strategy, market segmentation, product positioning strategy, pricing strategy.

Distribution Strategy
If evaluation of India entry option results in setting up Distribution network, then we will assist you to devise Distribution Strategy. This will typically include road map to penetrate in entire market, deciding number of distributors, their locations. The strategy will also cover technical and commercial criteria to select distributors.

Organization Strategy
The organizational structure will be critical to success of the business. It is also important to identify, nurture and maintain quality human resources. Our pool of human resources experts will assist in devising organizational strategy. This will include organization structure, number of people to ensure projected business growth, defining of their roles, HR policies.

Service Structure
We will also offer inputs to create service structure within the organization which will be the backbone of the business.

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